Blog To End AIDS: What Ever Happened To Safe Sex, By Ian Daly.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

What Ever Happened To Safe Sex, By Ian Daly.

Ian Daly of Details Magazine shares a surprising interview with three recently-married New York City men, which he calls the Gansevoort Three (named after their hook-up hangout), as they share sexcapades from their bachelor days. All three men practiced unsafe sex, contracted STD's, and still believe, in this day and age, that heterosexual men cannot get AIDS. Mike, 35, one of the Gansevoort Three, says, "The biggest thing to me is, I don't know anybody -nobody straight, anyway- who's ever gotten AIDS." What the article reveals is that a new generation of young sexually-active adults, are throwing caution to the wind in the false belief that they are immune to STD's and HIV/AIDS. Ian Daly reports: "Condom sales in the United States are flatlining. Syphilis is making a comeback -between 1999 and 2003, it shot up by 43 percent among American men. Chlaymdia cases doubled between 1994 and 2004. Even HIV is making a quiet return. Since, 2001, the number of new cases in the U.S. has been edging upward." Mr. Daly sites denial, fatalism of our current world climate, misleading media information, and the Bush administration's misdirected abstinence education assault as reasons for the rise in STDs and HIV/AIDS. In my opinion, the most egregious reason for the rise in STDs and HIV/AIDS is the religious ideological abstinence and anti-condom message of the Bush administration. The Bush administration and his right-wing gang will support millions of dollars in abstinence education, while cutting spending on prevention programs, fully knowing that prevention programs are much more effective. Mr. Bush is putting young people at greater risk by not acknowledging that young people will have sex and the importance of condoms, while catering to his ideological base. For full story click here.


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